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In Our Family Quotes

“IN OUR FAMILY went over really well and I’ve had multiple staff and faculty stop to talk to me about how unique the exhibit was, and to talk about multiple stories they had read from the different families.  There seemed to always be students looking at the exhibit in the Student Union and reading the stories.  Thank you for your incredible exhibit and for allowing us to use it at the U of Akron as part of our Diversity Week 2015!”

David Matthew Vale, Department of Student Life,
University of Akron
September, 2015


“By displaying the exhibit in the main “street” of our library, thousands of people in our community had the opportunity to stop and learn more about the families in the photos.  I heard from so many students and colleagues comments like, “These are so wonderful.  I made a plan to read two every day so I could spend time with them all.”   We complemented the photo exhibit with a video display of rotating family photos submitted by faculty, staff, and students, and encouraged them to consider what family meant to them and how they wanted to represent that in a photo. We were incredibly pleased with the quality of the exhibit, the diversity of the families represented, the ease of set-up, and the encouragement from Family Diversity Projects to turn this into part of a larger project that fit our community.”

Reese C. Kelly, Ph.D, Assistant Dean and LGBTQIA Advisor
Dartmouth College, NH
March, 2014


‘I am writing to thank you for offering the exhibit, “In Our Family.” We sponsored this exhibit to visually represent to our school community part of our mission as a school, which is “To Respect Cultural Diversity.” We wanted to give a voice to the children and families that apply to our school looking for a safe environment for their children. We are a regional, public school serving 500 children (K-5) from 13 very diverse communities in Southeastern CT. The exhibit was a beautiful representation and affirmation of our school community and everyone benefited from having it here. WE thank you for offering this unique and thought-provoking experience and we look forward to sponsoring another exhibit soon.”

Laureen Pierandi, Manager of Enrichment, Regional Multicultural Magnet School, New London, CT