We Have Faith can travel worldwide to your house of worship, regional or national church conference, seminary, college, school (7–12), library, museum, state house, or community gathering of any kind. Family Diversity Projects circulates multiple copies of We Have Faith and can work with you to have a highly successful exhibition experience.

We Have Faith features renowned LGBT and allied clergy and people of many faiths and denominations, including: Bishop Gene Robinson, Bishop Yvette Flunder, Rev. Dr. Patrick Cheng, The Very Rev. Katherine Ragsdale, Rev. Canon Mally Lloyd, Rabbi Steve Greenberg, Rev. Harry Knox, Pastor Bradley Schmeling, Rev. Jane Spahr, Rev. Roland Stringfellow, Rev. Rebecca Voelkel, Rev. Archene Turner, Rev. Dr. Dennis W.Wiley, Rev. Dr. Christine Wiley, Imam Daayiee Abdullah, Rev. Darlene Garner, Rev. Candy Holmes, Dana Beyer M.D., and many others.

God looks on my family the same way and is an integral part of my family’s life…  I never ever had any belief at all that God would think any less of me for being gay. I’m happy to be able to tell people that whoever they are, God loves them. If they are questioning their sexual orientation, there is never a moment when God doesn’t accept them. I think God looks on my family the same way God looks on every human creature and every part of creation. I believe that God loves my family, blesses my family, and is an integral part of my family’s life. God is such a mystery.”

—Timothy Burger, Episcopal Priest