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The Road to Freedom

Portraits of People with Disabilities

Interviews by Peggy Gillespie and Students at Four Rivers Charter School (Greenfield, MA)
Photos by Gigi Kaeser

Prevent Bullying

Road to Freedom has been used in schools, colleges, and communities to help create safe environments by developing empathy and caring in students, teachers, and staff members. A remarkable tool, this exhibit has been used to help prevent bullying and address bullying behaviors in thousands of venues world-wide

The Road to Freedom exhibit is focused on children, teens, and adults with the full spectrum of physical, sensory, learning, and mental disabilities. Along with color photographs by Gigi Kaeser, the exhibit features interviews conducted and edited by Peggy Gillespie and the 8th graders at the Four Rivers Charter School in Greenfield, MA. You can bring this exhibit to your school (K-12), college, library, workplace, museum, hospital, conference, etc.