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Nothing to Hide

Mental Illness in the Family


Prevent Bullying

Nothing to Hide has been used in schools, colleges, and communities to help create safe environments by developing empathy and caring in students, teachers, and staff members. A remarkable tool, this exhibit has been used to help prevent bullying and address bullying behaviors in thousands of venues world-wide

July 2013 interview about Nothing to Hide

Nothing to Hide is a museum-quality photo-text traveling exhibit featuring photographs and interviews with families whose lives are affected by mental illness – schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, major depression, anxiety disorders, etc. The compelling accounts demonstrate strength, courage, integrity and accomplishment in the face of the adversity and stigma of mental illness. By bringing visibility to these individuals and their families, Nothing to Hide helps dispel harmful stereotypes, myths, and misconceptions about mental illness.

We were so pleased with the reception that Nothing to Hide got for the two weeks it was on display in our Student Center. Numerous comments from students, faculty, and staff made mention of their gratitude for having the display available, as well as their own experiences–either personally or with family and friends–with mental illness. We’re constantly looking for ways to educate our campus community about the presence of mental health concerns and the support services that are available, and Nothing to Hide served to do both of those things.

Eric Everson, Outreach Coordinator,
Utah State University Counseling and Psychological Services

Edwin Cassem M.D., Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and an Advisory Board member for this project, says it best: “Stigma is worldwide and stifling. Nothing to Hide aims to eradicate prejudice and discrimination based on mental disability. It is a project whose hour has come.” Funded in part by NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness), Nothing to Hide has received rave reviews and media attention wherever it has traveled. The book, Nothing to Hide won a prestigious Ken Johnson NAMI-NYC Metro Book Award book award from NAMI-NYC Metro.