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In Our Family

Portraits of All Kinds of Families

Interviews by Peggy Gillespie and Rebekah Boyd
Photos by Gigi Kaeser

Prevent Bullying

In Our Family has been used in schools, colleges, and communities to help create safe environments by developing empathy and caring in students, teachers, and staff members. A remarkable tool, this exhibit has been used to help prevent bullying and address bullying behaviors in thousands of venues world-wide

In Our Family, a favorite exhibit of primary and secondary schools, explores the diversity of non-traditional family structure through conveying the experiences of non-traditional families in their own words. In Our Family promotes tolerance by encouraging discussion of who constitutes a family, and champions the understanding and acceptance of difference, a crucial aspect of anti-bullying work, by opening up a dialogue around the meaning of family. In Our Family is particularly relevant given the modern proliferation of non-traditional families, including multiracial families, extended families, single-parent households, and LGBTQ families, which continues to diversify school environments as students are increasingly required to interact daily with students of divergent social identities.

In Our Family is a museum-quality traveling photo-text exhibit about twenty families representing a breadth of diversity and family configurations including: adoptive and foster families; divorced and stepfamilies, single parent households, multiracial families, families facing chronic illness and death; families living with mental and physical disabilities; lesbian and gay-parented families; interfaith families, multigenerational households, and immigrant families.

Designed for audiences of all ages – from early childhood to adults – In Our Family challenges stereotypes and helps dismantle prejudice by celebrating and affirming differences of all kinds. The traveling photo-text rental exhibit consists of ready-to-hang framed photographs and text (including special K-2 text you can use for younger viewers). The positive and realistic photographs, along with the candid interviews with family members of all ages, affirm an inclusive and expansive vision of family life today.

“I am sure that I speak for all who saw the exhibit when I say we won’t forget the beauty, vulnerability and courage of the families in these photographs.We hope to bring other collections to our campus in the future. Please include us as a reference to others considering bringing the exhibit to their schools.”

Clinton L. Carbon, Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Dwight-Englewood School, Englewood, NJ 

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