Building Bridges

Interviews by Peggy Gillespie
Photos by Mark Chester and Gigi Kaeser

Building Bridges includes photographs and interviews with people who have come to the United States as immigrants or refugees from all over the world. The exhibit seeks to challenge damaging myths and stereotypes about immigrants and refugees as a way to prevent bullying and hatred towards this marginalized group of people.

“BUILDING BRIDGES is crucial in this time of political divisiveness.  The exhibit, which seamlessly combines exquisite photos with moving text, breaks down stereotypes about immigrants and refugees in a unique and powerful way.  It makes an indelible impression on the heart and soul of everyone who sees it. I urge you to support Family Diversity Projects and to bring this exhibit to your community.”
-Bill Newman, ACLU of Massachusetts attorney, Western Massachusetts Legal Office

“Building Bridges was a valuable experience for our campus in terms of the educational experience for
students, the enrichment opportunity for faculty, and the connections and publicity it provided to the
larger community.”
-Kira Hamman, Faculty, Penn State Mont Alto

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Khizr Khan, Gold Star Father and immigrant

Khizr Khan, Gold Star Father and immigrant (pictured right) who spoke at the National Democratic Convention surrounded by BUILDING BRIDGES.  At the convention, Mr. Khan spoke about how his 27-year-old son, an Army captain, died in a car bombing in 2004 in Iraq as he tried to save other troops.

Khan criticized Mr. Trump, saying he “consistently smears the character of Muslims,” and pointedly challenged what sacrifices Mr. Trump had made. Holding a pocket-size copy of the Constitution, he asked if Mr. Trump had read it.  Trump later attacked this Gold Star family.   We are proud that he saw and loved BUILDING BRIDGES.
Exhibit Photos by Mark Chester and Gigi Kaeser – Interviews by Peggy Gillespie

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