A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Many people of faith are getting comfortable with phrases like  “Gay Christian”, “Lesbian clergy member”, ‘trans person of faith”, or “queer Jewish family.”  But there are still people of faith across the country who think they do not know any LGBT people.  In October 2012, a new exhibit called WE HAVE FAITH : LGBT Clergy and People of Faith Speak Out, will begin to change that.  Beautiful and honest photos of bold trailblazers with their loved ones with text from personal interviews shine a light on their faith as they work for equality.  From Muslim to Mormon, Baptist to Pentecostal they are inspiring.

Those of us in the LGBT faith movement stand a little prouder when Pride parades in Chicago are led by faith leaders in clergy collars.  We cheer when San Francisco’s Pride features Bishop Christopher Senyonjo, from Uganda who has risked everything to minister to LGBT people there.  We know we are moving forward when  United Methodists of Northern Illinios, Iowa,  Texas , resist the church’s policies of anti-LGBT discrimination.  But, average people in the pews are not there to see faith leaders lead Pride marches.  This exhibit helps bring the stories of affirmation and welcome to people everywhere.

As Sung Park, former Program Director of Believe Out Loud and current student at Union Theological Seminary explains, “WE HAVE FAITH breaks the notion that people of all faiths are all anti-LGBT. This exhibit creates a new landscape in which faith and religion is a place of nurturance for those who have been wounded by the homophobic and transphobic voices in many faith traditions. WE HAVE FAITH is doing ground-breaking work in the area of faith and values.  I encourage every house of worship, conference, seminary, college or school to show WE HAVE FAITH and all the other FDP exhibits.”

WE HAVE FAITH is ready to be displayed in a house of worship, college, seminary, or other community venue.  The exhibit fosters meaningful dialogue,  challenges homophobia and transphobia, and supports the movement for the full moral and legal equality of LGBT.  An October, five-city launch will bring WE HAVE FAITH to DC, NYC, San Francisco, Atlanta and Minneapolis.

For more information or to bring WE HAVE FAITH to your community, please contact Family Diversity projects at info@familydiv.org or visit the website at www.familydiv.org.

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